Fully Compliant Tokenized Real Estate

  • RealGlobal Convertible Notes back the Tokens fully
  • RealGlobal Tokens are issued in the USA under Reg D/A and Reg S
  • RealGlobal Tokens are backed by REAL Global Convertible Notes 1:1 both held at the relevant custodians
  • RealGlobal Tokens and Convertible Notes shares trade on the relevant exchanges
  • In this way the fully secured convertible note itself is tokenized, thereby creating the compliant token/blockchain environment for real estate

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Dividends To Be Paid From Inception

  • 40% of net income is distributed to Convertible Notes/Tokens in fiat/Bitcoin
  • 40% of net income is used to acquire income assets
  • 20% of net income is retained

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Tokens Are Globally Available

RealGlobal Tokens are available globally to all qualified investors via the Blockchain.

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Prime US Income Producing Properties

  • RealGlobal has a long term option to acquire up to $300M of prime income producing properties from N3 Real Estate in the USA at attractive cap rates
  • RealGlobal is in advanced negotiations to option another $750M of prime income producing properties in the UK, USA, and Canada
  • Properties include Sunset Station Anchor in Austin Texas, Towne Square Mall in Owensboro, Kentucky and more
  • Tenants include such brands as Target, Sleep Outfitters, Starbucks and more

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Experienced Property Management Leadership

N3 Commercial Realty, LLC is a fully integrated retail investment and development firm based in Southland, Texas. N3 Commercial has acquired and developed multi-tenant commercial projects across the US. N3 Commercial is the property manager for RealGlobal.

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Advanced Blockchain Technology

  • The RealGlobal Token is an ERC20 token
  • The RealGlobal Wallet allows the Tokens to be held and traded
  • Other tokens such as Bitcoin can held in the RealGlobal Wallet
  • RealGlobal's platform can be adapted to improving Blockchain protocols
  • RealGlobal has a world class tech team

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Prepared For Liquidity

  • RealGlobal Convertible Notes Are Available on NEO Connect
  • RealGlobal tokens initially trade within the RealGlobal Platform and wallet (RealGlobal Decentralized Exchange)
  • RealGlobal tokens will list on independent Exchanges upon the relevant regulatory approvals
  • RealGlobal can distribute dividends in the form of Bitcoin etc. directly to the RealGlobal wallet
  • RealGlobal Utility Tokens power the platform

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